The Long Night: No One Ended It

Game of Thrones gave me a lot of heart attacks. I don’t even know how I survived. What happened, really?

I am going to rewatch the Long Night.

HBO cursed me. And I am loving it.

Season 8 episode 3 of Game of Thrones was insane. Absolutely insane.

We last saw Winterfell preparing for a war. Against the dead. Who were coming for the one and only Brandon Stark.

A lot of people died for Bran. A lot more would die for him, apparently.

And the long night was literally the longest night ever. No war ever lasted this long, or at least not the ones I’d watched before.

The first line of defense got some fire swords lit up by Melissandre, but even they were no match for the wights.

And the dead kept marching forward, with Winterfell growing smaller in number and suffocated in space. Those staying in the crypts could only pray. They had no stronger protection but the doors between them and the dead.

Arya Stark was running places, stabbing and destroying the dead until fear caught up with her and she started running.

The Targaryens were on the remaining two dragons, burning the dead and fighting Night King and Viserion.

Sansa and Tyrion had their moments, realizing that it could be the last chance they had to compliment each other.

The Mormonts were fighting till their very end.

Bran was surrounded by the iron borns, waiting for the Night King to come get him.

Daenerys tried to burn the Night King but as it turned out, fire could not burn him.

And the night grew darker, the fire burned but the dead rose. The living fell and joined the dead. The dragons were injured. The royals cornered. Our heroes helpless.

No one would save them now.

No one.

Seconds before the Night King pulled his sword to kill Bran, Arya Stark came charging at him with a Valyrian steel. He managed to catch her midway and hold her up in the air. But she dropped her dagger, caught it with her other hand, and stabbed him in the chest.

And the whole army of dead crumbled.

The long night ended.

Melissandre finally fulfilled her destiny. She walked out of the gates, took of her necklace, and turned to dusts.

Let me just say, Ramin Djawadi enveloped everything in such a magical melody that I felt suffocated while watching. My friends were screaming, I was internally bleeding, and Twitter was flooded.

Absolutely floored by this episode.

The visual was ridiculous. I’d say it was a bit too dark, since I had to edge myself close to the screen, searching for signs of the living. Wondering if my favorites would make it out alive.

But I believe that the dark was very much necessary. It was a long night. It was against the Night King. It was a fight against an overwhelming darkness. It was hopeless. They were lighting torches up, knowing they were marching towards the dead.

It was the appropriate setting.

And I am in an awe.

A girl is Arya Stark. And she saved the world.

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