The Kiss and the Mono

I was never the party goer type. But when I did, I stayed and did things to regret later on in the future. 

This is the story of how I became ridiculously OCD when it came to kisses. 

It was one of those nights in college. I was one of the more popular girls. Just because I dressed well and carried a Starbucks cup around with me at all times, really. 

Then some friends and I decided to sit and spin the bottle over truth or dare.

Nobody knew that at some point, the pointed would get the privilege of kissing the hottest guy in our department. I mean, at that point, all of us girls just wanted to kiss Matt. 

So there I was, a few spins later, with a dare, lip locking with Matt. 

It was not magical. It was nowhere close to what I’d imagined it would be like. 

Maybe that’s why some people don’t close their eyes when making out. It helps to be visually reminded that the person you’re kissing is hot. Even if the kiss isn’t. 

Then about a month later, I got sick. Like, awfully sick. Sore throat and all. After commanding myself to be healthy and failing miserably, I decided to go see the school doctor and get a check up. 

On that day I wore a tank top and a skater skirt. If I’m not mistaken, a cardigan to keep me warm. 

Then the doctor came in with her papers and pen, checked my temperature and throat, asked me for my symptoms, while eyeing me head to toe. She had this look, like, a lot of judgment was going on in her head. I swear she was glaring at me before saying, “It could either be strep throat or mono. But…. from your outfit, I’d say the latter.” 

Imagine my horror. It was literally a week before I had to go home and see my parents. What in the world was I going to tell them? “Oh you know guys, I got mono, it’s not a big deal.” 

Mono isn’t a gift. Nothing to brag about. Even if you got it from the hottest guy in your department! 

So I’m not sure if it was the fear or ptsd of some sort, but from that day on, I refused to kiss anyone before I was completely sure that he got no mono. I’d wait for fifth date or a month before letting a kiss happen. 

And yeah, as it turned out, it was strep throat. Nothing related to that kiss. But one thing I know is that things happen for reasons. Maybe I was meant to learn my lessons. And to be careful. 

A mediocre kiss with a horrible timing. It wasn’t even worth it with Matt’s glorious looks. No kiss is worth being sick for.  


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