Aladdin: A Whole Same Magical World

I was quite skeptical when the trailer of Aladdin came out. Thing that I was excited for was Will Smith as the genie. Thing that concerned me was Will Smith as the genie.

And as I saw the reviews online, most of them were mixed responses, somewhere between great and alright, I was worried.

Despite the worries and concerns, I still ended up dragged by my mother to watch the movie. She gave birth to me, so I really had to go.

What a horrible excuse.

Now let me tell you my truest, most honest opinion on Aladdin.

I absolutely loved it.

Maybe not the entire thing; I caught myself going, “They’re singing again?” a couple of times during the movie. I complained the same thing during Frozen and heaven knows how many times that movie has been replayed on my Netflix.

However, I found myself enchanted, and by the time we left the theater, we wanted to go back and rewatch. It was a toxic relationship.

Now I won’t waste your time on the summary, because I believe that Aladdin must have been a part of your childhood somehow. As it was mine.

The songs are pretty much the same, only different voices and we have a new single to sing to over and over again, in the name of girl power.

So if you’re into girl power like me, this movie will definitely please you.

As for the characters, I do think, despite the complaints and criticism, the actors did what they could to bring the characters to life.

For the first time in forever! We have a hot Jafar, who unfortunately only got a topless scene on CGI mode, and my problem with this character is that, even in this movie, we don’t really know how he became a bad guy.

Jasmine, on the other hand, got a lot more going on. Even a new song. And thank God the kiss scene from the original cartoon didn’t make it here. That would be annoying and gross, and completely going against the girl power route they’re taking this time.

Visually, this is a stunning movie. It’s a fun musical, with songs we grew up with, so it was so easy to just sing along. It is all so familiar, and that is also another thing that bothered me, while at the same time providing comfort.

I knew what was about to happen, yet I kept expecting for little twists of things to take place so that it would not be a direct copy paste from the original.

Still, it didn’t bother me enough to complain. My mom and I have been thinking of going back to rewatch Aladdin. Because it’s so fun.

Aladdin is a solid 8/10 from me.

Why is the score that high? Because if a movie makes you feel like you want to watch it again, it means it has succeeded in entertaining you. That well.

Also I got a bit obsessed with Sultan Jasmine’s outfits so I started doodling.

4 thoughts on “Aladdin: A Whole Same Magical World

  1. I totally agree! So glad they rounded out Jasmine’s character in this version. I know a lot of people who didn’t like the movie because they couldn’t get Robin Williams’ Genie out of their head and I think it’s fair to be both intrigued and concerned about Will Smith taking the role, but I think Will did a great job of taking the Genie in a different direction. He has such great on-screen charisma that I couldn’t help but be entertained. What did you think of his performance as the Genie? Still undecided?

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