Double date gone wrong

You already know how this story goes – Boy meets girl during summer vacation, they fall in lust, after a succulent weekend session, boy is due to return to reality, so they promise to keep in contact to keep the flames going. One day, many weeks later, girl decides to visit the boy she had once met on that unforgettable vacation. And for heedful sake, she decides to bring along her girl friend just in case he turns out to be psycho. What happens next?

This is not my story, at least initially. I was just an innocent bystander, a third party dragged to accompanied the girl’s friend, whom for the sake of the story we will call her ‘Marie’. I had obviously not met Marie before or even seen a picture of her – truly a blind date indeed. However, I had agreed to help my friend out whom at this point seemed pretty desperate to rekindle his romance with the girl of his dreams apparently. I showed up that late afternoon in a casual attire ready to witness this romance as it unfolded and perhaps see how things will go with Marie. Who knows right?

The meal started off as any other, with casual discussions exchanged between the four of us. The usual conversation starters meant to establish a connection such as where are you from? Where did you go to school? How many siblings do you have? blah blah blah~. Apparently, from the looks of it, there had not been much talking between my friend and his date because it seemed like this was the first time they were actually getting to know each other. The exchange between us all seemed free-flowing till I notice the girl’s eye contact on me. I wondered when she had began setting her eyes on me. Was it at the beginning or did it just happen suddenly?

The conversation then drifted to the topic of the complexity of different cultures. Apparently, this was her soapbox as well as mine, so we exchanged our thoughts and ideas nonstop at the detriment of the others who felt shut out of the conversation. It was not my intention for that to happen but when I tried to bring my friend or Marie into the conversation, by asking them what they thought about something, she would glare at him with irritation as he commented before shifting her attention back to me.

After the meal, we decided to head to a club which seemed to be popping that weekend in downtown. That’s where things broke loose and it was even more apparent that she had no problem grinding on me, with no regard for her friend or her date. Tired and frustrated of being the bystander while her friend takes her date, Marie then decides to focus her attention on my friend by shaking her booty on him and doing other provocative dances. The girl did not seem to mind all that much and was rather pleased that she could now feel less guilty of betraying them both.

At the end of the night, we all exchanged numbers as we exited the club. “Call me” she said to me and left into a cab for her hotel. Before she left, my friend tried one more time to express his feelings for her but it was of no use. Her eyes were set on me. As I returned home that night, I looked at the number and pondered whether I should call or not. She seemed like a cool person, good looking and we had a great connection. BUT I couldn’t bring myself to do that to my friend, could I? So in the next couple of days, I started ignoring her calls, telling her I was busy with work and other things till she eventually got the message and stopped calling.

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