Jessica Jones Season 3: Sisterhood Interrupted

Let’s just remember some of the good things about Jessica Jones. First, and most importantly, the relationship between Jessica and Trish has been one of the greatest assets in this series.

And if you didn’t think so, this season proved it.

Jess and Trish went their separate ways after Trish killed Jess’s mother in season 2. Those sisters were definitely not talking to each other. Trish tried to talk to Jess, but the latter refused to listen and never picked up her calls.

So Trish, upon discovering that she actually got some powers like Jess, decided to keep it to herself and train hard in order to become a hero. She started with small cases, hoping that she would be able to stop a big bad and save the day herself.

Unfortunately for her, Jess was paid by her mother to track her down, and while tracking her down, Jess figured out that Trish had changed.

After a mysterious figure stabbed Jess, both girls started trying to crack the identity of that murderer. They narrowed down their suspects and came to a serial killer whose main reasons to kill were just as vague as his interior choices.

And as bad as this guy Salinger was, you never see anything as horrifying as Trish going full mode bad.

Then Jessica was faced with the greatest villain she’d ever have to fight: her own sister.

So when the first two seasons we got to witness the strong bond between the two sisters, this season we saw how it was tested. We got to see how these two had to settle their differences and try to see things from each other’s perspectives. But it was never meant to be that easy, because these two girls were ridiculously stubborn.

Now, from all the seasons, I must say, I still prefer the first. Although this season was quite fun. Also, we got to see Hellcat in action. That was quite entertaining.

Trish vs Jess didn’t last as long as I’d like it to. I personally thought I’d have enjoyed Trish vs Jess a lot more than Salinger, and I just wanted him out the whole time. He was somewhat a boring villain. Just another one, I thought, and even his death took too long in my opinion.

Malcom got suited up! He actually was making big bucks and wearing dapper suits this season. He got himself a hot girlfriend and was climbing his way up the ladder, until he realized that he’d have to be in Jess’s way and decided to get off.

And Jess got herself a romantic interest. Which I didn’t really like, plus Luke showed up to see her for a bit. We all know Luke and Jess are supposedly end game, I need comic book romance to happen please.

But of course, considering how all the Marvel shows are no more, I can’t hope for anything.

The ending of Jessica Jones was also a question mark.

Where will Jessica go now? What will she do? Will she go back? Will she leave?

Nobody knows.

Where are you, Jess?

Season 3 is a 6,5/10 from me. I couldn’t give it a lower score because I loved Hellcat. But I couldn’t give it a higher score because I do think there are a lot of things that could be better.

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