Guarding Your Heart For Far Too Long

By Daniella Djiogan Guarding your heart for far too long Afraid of a broken heart Untrusting of the others’ feelings Unstable in your own mind Scared to come across as clingy Unwilling to fully love Unwilling to put everything in to a person that’s not you Waiting…waiting for the perfect soul. Image Source: shawndevo.jpg

I Wonder 

I wonder how bitterness can eat one up so well and push one up higher. I wonder how darkness can feel so warm and freezing cold at the same time.  I wonder how one can be broken and brave. I wonder how one can be damaged and happy.  I wonder how I can be so…

The Heart Break We Can’t Forget

By Daniella Djiogan Words can’t mend this heart Sweet memories can’t cloud its pain Another’s heart can’t embrace its thorns A warm embrace can’t melt its ice Nothing can cure its illness Nothing….no one, but the one whose prints are left lurking. Image Source: Little Pony by go-grafix

I am Still in Love with You

by Devina Gunawan How can I not be? You were the first one to love me without ever asking me to change. You were the first one to make me believe I was truly beautiful. And in many ways, you still are that person to me. We hurt each other. We broke, stabbed, shot each…

Did You Never Let Go?

By Daniella Djiogan Did you never let go? Of those childhood memories Of those childish games Of your laughters Of the first gift you received from her Of the stupid promise you made to always remain friends Of the day she broke your heart to pieces Did you never let go? Image Source: