Never Lose Hope

By Daniella Djiogan Nothing is ever lost Not on this earth Same as no secret lies unnoticed for long Not when the sun still shines Image Source:

The Heart Break We Can’t Forget

By Daniella Djiogan Words can’t mend this heart Sweet memories can’t cloud its pain Another’s heart can’t embrace its thorns A warm embrace can’t melt its ice Nothing can cure its illness Nothing….no one, but the one whose prints are left lurking. Image Source: Little Pony by go-grafix

Recalling A Fallen Friendship

By Daniella Djiogan We were close A pair…unbroken One which moved side by side Like enemies keeping close Always with a smile that mirrored our hearts To avoid any mistaken intentions. . We were true to this bond called friendship As we went as far as to call each other ‘sisters’ We truly tried to…