Five Autobiographical Audio Memoirs to Listen to for Inspiration

I would not try to narrate these books to you because you can go on audible or perhaps even wiki and get the gist of them. However, one by one, I’ll say what I learnt and appreciated from reading bits and pieces of their lives.  ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama “Failure is a feeling long before…

Random Thoughts in Four Quotes

“Must I walk barefoot on gravels before I realize my worth?”   “The one who walks the lonely road knows that path all too well”   “Suffering brings people together, but not necessarily for long”   “Loving with your mind can’t lead to love”   By Daniella D.


The mind is always loud. Especially for people like us. We who think of the most unorthodox, who wonder about the strangest occurrences, and who always try to explain the unfathomable. My mind is loud and cloudy. It buzzes like a broken radio at 2 in the morning, subtle noises keeping you company and ruining […]

Book Talk: the Spy by Paulo Coelho

Mata Hari. Possibly the most famous female spy of her time. Possibly one of the best mysteries to solve. A woman. A mother. An artist. A lover. Who was this woman? If anyone asked me, I would always mention Paulo Coelho as one of my favorite writers. His gifts lie in his writing, inspiring readers,…

It’s an early wake

It’s an early wake I sit beside my desk, in a small chamber generally considered a room And look as morning rise without delay I am deep in thoughts, thoughts that travelled with me through the night With my mind away, my fingers play with the southern parts of my face I need this sort…