An Idle Mind leads to Such Thoughts

By Daniella Djiogan How do you impact others? Positively?… Negatively?? Or do you not have a clue??? Ask yourself that question, and think carefully Think about how your existence impacts the people around you And think about how the people around you will be different with or without you around?

7 Things We All Do When Others Aren’t Watching

By Daniella Djiogan 1.) Singing in the Shower: We All Do It! 2.) Picking your nose 3.) Dancing in the Elevator or Farting…Lol 4.) Stalking a Crush on Social Media 5.) Taking a Selfie…[Who Are We Kidding…Lots of it!] 6.) Talking to Yourself 7) Becoming a Completely Different Person…Yourself!  Do you agree with the list…

Did You Never Let Go?

By Daniella Djiogan Did you never let go? Of those childhood memories Of those childish games Of your laughters Of the first gift you received from her Of the stupid promise you made to always remain friends Of the day she broke your heart to pieces Did you never let go? Image Source:

Today I Saw The Strongest Woman Cry

By Daniella Djiogan Today I saw the strongest woman cry. She cried as she sent her child away. I had never seen her cry, so it took me by surprise. She always seemed so strong that I failed to realize that she too could be human She could withstand not crying when she was ill-treated by…