Random Thoughts in Four Quotes

“Must I walk barefoot on gravels before I realize my worth?”   “The one who walks the lonely road knows that path all too well”   “Suffering brings people together, but not necessarily for long”   “Loving with your mind can’t lead to love”   By Daniella D.


  I tried it, to prove I could I failed, so I knew it wasn’t mine to have . I tried another, yielding to pressure  I failed as I fell short of success .  I tried what I truly loved And I guess this time was truly meant to be. By Daniella Djiogan

The Road Ahead is Long

By Daniella Djiogan It’s not the end The road ahead is long Far beyond my eyes can see So, I walk with diligence and care Analyzing each step With expression and mind so blank The obstacles ahead don’t feature in my thoughts I walk with my head up high And deal with life as it…

Never Lose Hope

By Daniella Djiogan Nothing is ever lost Not on this earth Same as no secret lies unnoticed for long Not when the sun still shines Image Source: www.littlezebra.com

The Heart Break We Can’t Forget

By Daniella Djiogan Words can’t mend this heart Sweet memories can’t cloud its pain Another’s heart can’t embrace its thorns A warm embrace can’t melt its ice Nothing can cure its illness Nothing….no one, but the one whose prints are left lurking. Image Source: Little Pony by go-grafix