Worst Nightmare to Reality

I had a horrible nightmare. In it, I went to a grocery store and sat down for coffee at a mini coffee shop inside.

Then, a guy asked to sit with me, and he started talking about Brexit. It was really random, but I never minded a good conversation.

Awhile later, my mother called me to hurry up and buy all the things she wanted me to get. So I ran upstairs to the food section, only to find it all dark, like a burned site, deserted and terrifying.

Freaking out, I ran back downstairs and saw that everything and everyone around me froze. Afterwards, it was Conjuring time. Everything that happened from that point onwards included few scary ghosts scaring the shit out of me and me running away from them.

I woke up in sweats, going, “What in the world?!” Because I never had ghost dream, ever. I always dreamed of zombies and secret missions gone wrong.

Never, ever, ever of screaming ghosts with wrinkled faces.

And guess what happened when I woke up?

Trump won.


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