An Open Letter to Delivery Guys

by Devina

Dear Delivery Guys,

You’re my heroes. Hands down, you are my super heroes. When I see anyone wearing your uniform I go, “MY HERO RIGHT THERE!”

You might think your job is annoying, and it’s not appreciated, but trust me, I really do appreciate your hard work.

I am not a fan of going out, and when I do, I go solo. Imagine going to cafes and restaurants alone, sitting down with people staring you down, wondering, “Why is she all alone?”

Of course, it doesn’t bother me that much. But I always prefer not having people around me, which is why you delivering my meals and snacks is the greatest, heroic act anyone could have ever done for me.

I’m not always sick in bed, in case you’re wondering. I am just not comfortable enough to drag myself out, and a lot of times, I am too tired to get out. And the best moments in my life happen to be a lot of you ringing the doorbell and confirming that yes, my food has arrived.

Trust me, not everyone takes you for granted. When a lot of kids think Superman, I think of you.

I worry when it’s raining outside, I wonder if you’re soaking wet and if you’re getting cold. I feel bad when I order too much, just imagining the load you have to carry from one point to another.

I feel awful when you’re caught in horrible traffic, having your hours wasted away just so that I can get my meal. And it burns me when people complain about your service, as if they know any better.

And there’s no better feeling than giving you the rating you deserve: five stars all the way. Because you deserve nothing less. You’ve given me the freedom to stay home away from the rest of the world, you’ve given me the luxury to stay comfortable on my couch, and your service has been the greatest mark of “What a good time to be alive” in my timeline.

You’ve spared me my time and sanity. And each time you save me, I am eternally grateful.

You may not know it, but you are the modern superhero of our time.

Thank you, delivery guys. You truly are the best.


Your biggest fan.

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