Somewhere between Elsa and Anna

by Devina Gunawan

Disney has changed in some ways since I last saw the 1950’s Cinderella. There have been movies that are not revolving around a princess who is waiting, or in love with a prince.

Take ‘Brave’ for instance, Princess Merida fights for her own hand and will never let herself be won like a trophy by any prince. I admire that. In fact, I sincerely believe that she should have been my role model growing up, instead of Snow White.

It was a mistake to have adored Snow White so much when I was a little girl. It was definitely a mistake to let myself believe that a prince charming would show up out of nowhere to declare his love for me.

I was such a dork.

I remember looking out the windows, searching for a white horse that would be carrying my prince. I had no idea what love was or what romance was. I only wanted the beautiful story

Luckily, Mulan became the center of my attention just a couple of years after Snow White boom happened. I was always a big fan of superheroes, and the idea that a girl could beat the guys like Mulan was the perfect fairytale.

So there was the beginning of my doom, found in my torn love for Snow White and Mulan.

Has anyone else struggled to decide which one of the ‘Frozen’ princesses to root for?

There is the almighty, powerful Elsa. She is not even just a princess, she is a queen. She is in charge of her own kingdom without a king next to her.

There is the hopeless romantic Anna, who fell for the trickster from another kingdom who offered her a cheap love story. She is fearless and curious about a lot of things, unlike her older sister, who is terrified of her own power.

Elsa is many modern women. Powerful and in charge, and that terrifies both her and any man she might fall in love with. She is the story of how being strong can be one’s downfall. She is the representative of the fact that power is one’s worst nemesis.

Unfortunately, there is no third princess who is a combination of those two. It would be so much helpful if they had created a princess who had a little bit of Elsa and Anna in her. Someone who can represent the modern women in our society.

Now, modern women are whatever they want to be. I am not referring to only my traits as one, but a lot of other women I have known in my life.

A lot of my friends are extremely bright and beautiful; however, they have the most difficult time finding the right men.

Call it the Disney Classic’s syndrome, but a lot of us are still stuck in that paradise of Snow White’s true love kiss and Cinderella’s glass slippers.

Many girls who grew up with the different stories mashed up in their heads like me are struggling. We are constantly wondering which princess we should download into our system. We are always questioning the borderline between weak and strong. We always ask if doing certain things will make us look desperate.

We always complain about the conflicting nature of our age.

Why does the world have to play tricks in our minds?

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