Paldo Curry Review

I like Paldo, and I actually think they have good stuff. Somewhat sweeter than spicy, but it usually works fine for me.

Then I spotted this one day at 7-11.

Of course I bought it. What else would I do.

So I bought it and decided to try it. Instructions were pretty clear and I did everything they told me to do.

Did I think it'd be hotter than the others? Not really. I had no expectation.

Now, was this as sweet as I thought it'd be? Yeah. It smelled more like tomato paste than curry, for some reason.

I actually wondered if I got spaghetti noodles instead of curry.

Because it tasted like it too. I forgot this was curry noodles the whole time I was eating, and I don't think it should've gone down that way.

But it was good. I actually enjoyed it, and I felt the burn in my throat too, so it was hot and spicy as promised.

It was good portion, and it was warm. I liked it, and I'm glad I bought two instead of just one.

It's such a good snack, especially when you're watching some drama. I was watching the Scholar who Walks the Night while eating this.

Not saying you should watch that drama while eating this, but it worked for me.

I'd actually recommend this to my friends, but don't expect curry flavor of you get it. It doesn't smell like it or taste like it.

But if you want spicy, warm pasta, this is it for you.

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