Never Good News on the News these days

Here is just a few of the many News Headlines for the month of July:

Seriously, what has the world come to. Every time I switch on the tv to watch the news or look at the front page of a newspaper, all I see is: Wars, Boko Haram, ISIS, Ebola, Shooting…etc. There’s rarely any good news pertaining to us these days. The only other news that might somewhat relieve us from this fiasco is celebrity news, which let’s face it, doesn’t affect our personal well-being in what-so-ever way. It’s just a distraction and nothing else.

With the upcoming presidential election, we are somewhat getting a little entertainment from all the debates and interviews. But that itself isn’t enough to cover up our distress. To cover our concerns, our complains, and our rage of what’s happening at home and around the world. We are tired of hearing tragic news report. It’s just a matter of time till our heart goes numb cause we have ran out of tears and can’t feel anymore. Things need to change. I don’t know how, but things need to seriously change.

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3 thoughts on “Never Good News on the News these days

  1. So much negativity lately! I remember my grandma who stays at home most of the time will only talk about what she’s seen on TV: wars, deaths, accidents, and other things that basically drive her paranoid.
    And I have to remind her all the time that not everything is bad. Unfortunately, most of the time, the bad things take most spotlights. It’s not fair, and it’s horrible.


  2. I stopped watching the news a few years ago. I realised it was probably twisted so I wasn’t getting ‘news’ and was always so negative and I didn’t want to keep receiving their messages. So I get all my news from Facebook and now twitter too.


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