Love in my Imagination

By Daniella Djiogan

It’s been a while since I felt love in this cold and lonely heart

Just a few days ago, it finally rekindled

Not the way y’all are thinking

No, I don’t have a boyfriend or that kind of crush in my life

However, I am blinded with love and passion for this singer

I have obviously never met him in person, but …

I just recently saw some of his music videos, and that was enough to sweep me off my feet.

I don’t know what’s happening to me

I mean, when he moves those hips or takes off his shirt…Ouch, Sexy!

Call me cheesy, crazy or whatever…I don’t care

I am up in lalala land, and I am enjoying it.

I can’t stop smiling as my mind begs my consciousness to return to reality.

Oh, he’s hot…crispy hot!

One’s gotta give praise and love where it’s due.

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