Take a Break and Indila

by Devina Gunawan

I remember last year I went on Youtube and found Indila’s “Derniere Danse” and I was hooked.

I remember listening to the words and feeling, “Oh wow, this is so close to heart.” Because Indila sings from her heart, and her songs are based on real life experiences.

She is to me, like the female version of Stromae, but in a very different style of music.

Indila’s songs have so much to offer. It is diverse, because the song is not of any traditional genre. It has many elements and factors to it that the moment we listen to her songs we can’t help but to fall for them and at the same time wonder, “What genre is this?”

She likes Imagine Dragon, Ellie Goulding, Sia, and just putting all of them together you can somewhat imagine, “Oh, this is how her songs came to be.” But of course, it’s Indila-touched.

Last year, I put her whole album on replay, that every single time I was working in my room I would have her songs playing in the background. It annoyed the hell out of some of my friends that I had the same songs playing over and over again, that I eventually stopped.

However, whenever I have a break time and nobody to tell me to turn off my music, I will put on Indila’s songs.

So if you have never heard of her songs, go for it. Try at least Derniere Danse because it’s rad. I sing to that song whenever I feel depressed sometimes, and well, whenever I’m in shower. Just don’t tell anyone.

To be honest, I was a bit jealous that her album was released in Turkey before anywhere else in the world. But at least the rest of the world has the access to listen to her songs now, so that is over now.

And for those who are wondering who is this girl, here’s an interview:

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