You Will be Hated for Being Beautiful

by Devina Gunawan

There is one thing a lot of girls do that hurt a little: they set levels of beauty wherever they go, and they decide where they stand in comparison to every one else in location.

There is also an advice that says to be noticed as the beautiful one, a girl needs to hang out with less attractive girls.

It is a thing to be the most beautiful, wherever one goes.

So here is the unfortunate tale of someone who is naturally beautiful: you will be envied, and sometimes, hated.

I have seen the way some girls look at someone who they consider as the fairest of them all, and it is not pretty. Some look at this girl in an awe, with the “How does she do it?” hanging in the air. Some look at her and wish that she will leave soon. Some look at her and assume that she is fake. The rest will just wonder, “Why am I not as pretty as her?”

In the world so generous with the access to beauty, it is only normal that people assume that beautiful women are made, not born. That beauty is so easily altered and modified that it is not perceived as real anymore.

However, despite knowing that everyone can be ‘upgraded’ or changed into looking like someone else, a lot of girls are still upset with those who seem to have it easy. They want what they do not have, and the desire of wanting what others have will never come to an end.

So when a woman is stunning, a lot of people will assume that she has gone under the knives. It is possible, but then it gets ugly when she is hated because of the assumptions made about her.

When people see someone who is naturally beautiful, they refuse to believe that it is a natural beauty and accept the assumption that something must have been fixed or upgraded in order to make themselves feel better. However, that does not help at all. After assuming that a girl has done surgeries here and there, instead of assuming that this girl might have low self esteem which led to the surgeries, people tend to assume that this girl must be privileged or rich and have it easy.

If one is not naturally beautiful, she is made beautiful. And either way, she cannot win.

People look at her as if she is an enemy. They hold onto their men tighter and try to keep their distance from her. Standing next to her makes them feel less attractive, and they will rather stay away and not learn more about this girl than be seen with her.

She will have many friends who love her, just like everyone does, but secretly some of them will envy her and only post photos of them on social media when they look almost as pretty or prettier than her. Chances are, photos of her without makeup and looking messy are the ones that make it on social media, but even so, she still surprises the world by looking especially charming.

They will avoid the word ‘beautiful’ when they feel threatened. They will say something like, “You look adorable,” or “That is cute,” and when the word ‘beautiful’ is uttered, it falls under cold tone.

Her friends will try to keep their boyfriends or potential boyfriends away from her. When introduced to the boys, you will be spoken of the things you are lacking in, or the flaws they believe will make you look less attractive.

So when you are beautiful, be it naturally or made, you will be envied and hated. And it will make you feel lonely at times, especially when those haters are actually friends you cherish.

You will be questioned a lot if you get the things you have because you try hard or because you are beautiful. People assume you don’t try hard, and you get privileges because people love your looks.

And it’s okay.

You know this too. You know what goes on their heads and you know some people are close to you because they want something from you.

And you probably are right when you ask, “Do they hate me?” when you spot people glaring at you from head to toe. So this is the confirmation to your question, that yes, they do. They envy you because they do not love themselves enough to see that each one of them is beautiful. And instead of harvesting their inner beauty, they ruin it for desiring what you have.

It is okay though, because that is just something that people do. It isn’t your fault, it’s just their inability to recognize their own beauty.

Because as usual, everyone is asking “Who is the fairest one of them all?” instead of reckoning that, “Everyone is beautiful.”

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