Day 4: Off to Agra 

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We were up and awake and it was 5 AM. The anxiety, the fear of missing the train to Agra was real and we didn’t want to be stuck in Delhi for another day. 

Unfortunately at 6AM we closed our eyes and woke up at 8.30. I tried to wake Daniella up, but she just rolled over and went back to sleep. 

For another five minutes only, luckily.

So we rushed ourselves from the hotel to the train station. We carried our bags, running all over the place and trying to not miss anything. 

We were so scared we’d be left behind… 

….by a train that was delayed for three hours. 

Three hours. 

And apparently it was normal. 

The train station didn’t have much to offer. We got cold coffee, which was sugar and cream with a dash of coffee, and some snacks. 

We had no breakfast before that due to running late, and we were dying of hunger. 

We girls would sacrifice a lot in the name of fashion. But let me tell you, starving ain’t one of them.

We love food.  
So we stood by, waiting for three and a half hours before we could get on our train. 

The ride felt like a blur too, since neither one of us could remember much of what happened and what we passed.

But we finally reached Agra and got down, preparing ourselves for whatever come our way. 

We took a police prepaid taxi and went to our hotel. 

By then we were both exhausted. And neither one of us could think clearly. When the driver begged us to let him take us around the city the next day, we barely responded well. 

Yes, the train and all the time spent waiting had murdered our brains.

Afterwards, we checked into our cute little hotel, Aura Mumtaz and then we walked around in the evening and took a tuk tuk around the city. 

We also had dinner at this one restaurant, no name would be mentioned, where there was a rat running around and Daniella and I had to put our feet above the ground just in case Mickey Mouse decided to say hello. 

Soon after, we got some snacks and went back to our hotel room, where we just stayed and rested up.

We watched Bride Wars while talking and deciding to not take the train for our next travel day due to the fear of missing our flight to Mumbai in two days. I mean, three hour delay was normal?

Then we fell asleep and the next day arrived.

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