What was I Thinking?

By Daniella Djiogan

Have you ever looked at your past pictures and thought “WTH”?? What was I thinking? What was going on in my head that day or during those few months or years where I obsessed with being the odd ball in all the wrong ways. How didn’t I even care to look at the mirror or ask another’s opinion on how I looked?

These were my thoughts today as I looked at my past pictures while cleaning some data from my laptop.

You know one of those days where you’re just too bored and lazy to do anything productive so you settle on going through your old computer buddy to get rid of those documents you have hoarded over the years.

This was one of those days.

I had my favorite soul music playing while I stumbled on one of those files with pictures I would never reveal to the world if they weren’t already on my Facebook page.

Anyways, I’ll just have to settle with the thought that the past is there to serve as a lesson to the future. Or else, I’ll honestly never get past it.

I came across the picture below while on my cleaning quest, and oh boy! I was left speechless. So much fashion faux pas.

Reddish purple hair, black & white scarf, floral colored leggings … oh gosh!

It looks bad doesn’t it?

And you want to know what? It was winter then, January or February of last year. I had gone to visit my aunt whom I hadn’t seen in more than a decade.

On that day, I’d had a wonderful breakfast (croissant, pain au chocolat with some orange juice) and had decided to head out to explore what France had to offer for tourist like me. I don’t particularly remember the dressing up part, but I clearly remember walking around the streets of Paris thinking “I look fly~”. I was proud of my assemble. I certainly looked like a tourist, clearly out of place from the usual black, white, and gray colors that dominated winter fashion in Paris.

Now that I look at the picture, Oh My! I am so embarrassed. But it doesn’t end there. I have many more of these embarrassments to fill a river. There are some that are far too worst than this. I am sure you can’t even begin to imagine what can possibly be worst than this.

If I could just go back in time to alter or even photo-shop this picture to make it look marginally decent, I’ll first of all, delete that floral legging and settle for a black one since everything seemed to be black except my hair and those pants.

Obviously the hair color would have to go, or at least a hat would do the job. The scarf or the bag would also have to go; can’t have both since their patterns don’t exactly match. And those brown sunglasses on my hand would have to go inside the bag or a pocket.

Wouldn’t that be way better? No need to answer, I know it’ll be… =^.^=

I strongly believe that after so many years of fashion faux pas, you can’t help but start to be fashionable after you’ve ran out of odd options/awful disoriented color choice of clothing.

20151207_162548 (2)

A recent pic of a much more decent outfit. Simplicity is key!

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