Pete’s Dragon: No Dracarys

by Devina

Once upon a time, a baby boy was raised in the jungle by wolves.


That was Jungle Book.

Little Pete was abandoned in the woods when he was 5, and a dragon adopted him. He named the dragon Eliot, based on a storybook he got. Well, basically the only thing he got.

Six years later, during her quest to find Indominus Rex, kidding. Bryce Dallas Howard is Grace, a park ranger who lost her locket in the woods, and Pete found it.

Later on, when a lumberjack crew was around to chop off some trees, Pete stumbled upon their site and watched them.

Natalie, daughter of one of the foreman, saw Pete and followed him. This led to Grace and everyone else discovering Pete, and they took him to a hospital.

Pete woke up in a hospital room and panicked. He managed to open the window and run away; however, the police caught him and Grace decided to take him home.

Pete then told Natalie of Eliot, and Grace realized that perhaps, dragons truly existed. So she promised Pete she would take him back to see Eliot.

Meanwhile, some men discovered Eliot in the woods, and tried to capture him.

When they captured Eliot, Pete and Natalie set out on a mission to rescue Pete’s beloved dragon.

This movie was adorable. So adorable that I kept going “Aww” and “Oooh” while watching with my friends.

However, plot holes were everywhere. It really bothered me how some things happened without explanation. How did Pete, for six years, keep up with his English? Perfect grammar? I understand that some children are highly intelligent, but if he could howl like a wolf when in trouble, shouldn’t he be closer to that than English? And a five year old’s English is messy.

I wasn’t invested in any character, or any relationship in this movie either. It was all so sudden, so abrupt, and we never got to know what made them who they were and how they got where they were. There was almost zero attachment to the characters, and that part bugged me.

I’d like to feel connected to at least one of them. At least Bryce, since I like her so much. But no, nothing.

Speaking of her character, Grace wore the same thing every day. Night and day. She was ready for battles anytime. Damn girl, get some nightgowns or something.

The CGI effects were okay. I couldn’t complain much. It wasn’t as stunning as I thought it would be, but Eliot was pretty believable.

Overall, it was a good attempt, a good story. If I shut down my logic, I’d certainly enjoy this a lot more.

Pete’s Dragon got a 7/10 from me. It has the rewatchable factor going on, which saves it. And it’s heartwarming and the kid is so darn cute. So there you go.


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