Doodles Oracles Comics: A Random Instagram Project

Since I love making comic strips, I decided at some point to start sharing them on Instagram.

And the reaction I got has been quite welcoming.

I’ve been receiving kind messages from people who love the comics and feel inspired by them. And it makes me very happy. So I thought of sharing some of them here.

The three main characters are my mother, Oracle, aka the wise woman, my sister the Oracle Baby, and Nothing the blob.

Nothing was a character I created years ago when I started journaling. Usually, on my journal pages there’d be doodles of Nothing. It’s a green blob that whispers ideas and comforting thoughts. The idea of it was from little moments of random thoughts mixing up in my head when someone asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

If you’d like to support my fun project and help make my dream come true (to someday publish my own book), and if you like these strips, please like and follow the Doodles Oracles (@doodles_oracles) account on Instagram.

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