The Sultan Jasmine Dress

I was watching Aladdin when I spotted the first outfit Jasmine had on. And I was blown away.

It looked so simple for something she’d wear to the market. But oh wow, it also looked amazing.

So for my sister’s wedding, the dress maker and I sat down and I sketched the dress I had on mind. Which was obviously, the dress Jasmine had on.

We had to make some alterations, for sure, according to the themes and color schemes set by the organizers.

So there are three pieces to this outfit.

A bustier inside, a pair of pants, and the outer, which is the gem.

We had to work with the rose gold theme, so we worked around the colors, and despite trying to keep it subtle, decided to go with maroon for the second layer.

This outer got the sleeves that could murder me. I was too happy when I tried the outer on.

It was like magic.

And the best part is that, since the dress maker and I became really good friends, she brought a crown for me to wear. For a fun photo session, she said, and I was over the moon.

I mean, in the movie, Jasmine did become the sultan.

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