Jasmine Cinderella: Dress of the Ball

My sister got married a few weeks ago and as expected, I was the chosen maid of honor. Or horror, as I’d prefer it.

Now, my sister and I are like polar opposites. She’s into simplicity, and I’m into boho. I just really like colorful, slightly eccentric stuff.

So we had to meet halfway. It was her wedding after all.

So we came up with something that both of us would be okay with. I didn’t want her best day to be somewhat bogged down by the MOH dress anyway.

But the result was quite fantastic.

Many people were torn when they saw my dress.

“Cinderella?” and “Princess Jasmine?” were literally the only two options I kept hearing.

But the blue is stunning. I didn’t think I’d fall in love with this dress, but when I spotted the blue, I lost it.

This dress was everything.

Okay, on the downside, it was too much of flowing fabrics and I could barely run, but I’d wear it to sleep if I could. Who needs blankets when you got a dress that gorgeous.

Me on the day. On the wedding day, I had blue ocean ish earrings and had my hair pulled back.

I had some glorious moments in that dress. And not sure how I could ever top this one.

What a show stopper.

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