What Women Think of a Man’s Outfit

By Daniella Djiogan

1.) Tuxedo: You got a few point up if you’re wearing a suit.It’s like automatic. You don’t have to be that gorgeous to be attractive in a woman’s eyes. Especially when wearing a suit that fits perfectly. One that’s not lagging/too big for your body shape. A tuxedo screams confidence like nothing else. It’s also screams that you have your stuff together.


2.) Leather Jacket and Beanie: There’s something about a beanie worn all the way that makes a man sexy. It just seems so comfortable and cool! It’s awesome. If I was a guy for a day…like the Beyonce song “If I were a boy” I would wear this for sure.

3.) Cardigan: Cardigans are also a great casual add-on to a look that makes everything look so much better. The awesome thing about cardigans is that they look great if you’re going for that professional look, and/or for that casual look. It’ perfect. If there’s one clothing I would recommend to someone, it’s gonna be cardigans; not only for the fall season look but for anytime you want to feel comfy.


4.) Tank Tops: Tank tops are great if you have that show-off body. Same as the whole women crop top situation. It’s almost like a sneak-peak look.


5.) Slightly Baggy Jeans VS. Tight Jeans: We understand you want to show your assets, but still… It seems uncomfortable for some. One that’s too baggy isn’t good as well cause it looks like you’re swimming in it. The best choice is a jean that fits and looks comfy.
tight jeans

Image Source: http://image.ec21.com/image/doublju/ml_home/Doublju_Co._Ltd..jpg


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