What Men Think Of Women’s Clothing

By Daniella Djiogan


Disclaimer: These are just the opinions of some men, not all. So, under no circumstance should you generalize all men to think as such. Well, now that we have come to some sort of agreement, enjoy~


1.) Crop tops and Yoga Pants


“The best! Accentuates all their assets”

“Thank God for yoga pants”

“A nobel prize should be given to its designer” 


Out of these two pieces of clothing, there’s just something about a yoga pant that just “accentuates a woman’s assets”.  I mean crop tops are also sexy but not to that level. A crop top can be worn with a long skirt to tone down the “hotness” of the outfit. However, yoga pants with anything, even a mere shirt or sweater can still scream ‘sexy’…that’s the difference. 


2.) Women in Suits


“Smart” “Responsible” “Boss lady” “Power” “Respect” 

“Feminist vibe” “She doesn’t need a man”

“She got her stuff together” 


Suits on men are incredibly sexy, same as on women…since it screams confidence. However, out of all the outfits mentioned in this post, they are the least favored. Makes wonder why??


3.) Jeans and T-Shirts


“The type of girl you can chill with, catch a game, drink a beer”

“She’s comfortable and just easy to talk.” 

Makeup-less Rihanna lets her t shirt explain her style in New York City

4.) Spring dresses


“A proper personality”

“The type of girl you can take home to mama”

 “Girly Girl” “A type of 50s-60s girl”  “The type of girl that can take care of her man” “Sweet girl with a sweet personality”.


Can I make the assumption then that  every girl wearing a spring dress is a “sweet girl with a sweet personality”?…Psych! A dress doesn’t define you, it just creates an image or illusion of a personality you might not embody. But putting that aside, “Who doesn’t love to wear a cute spring during one of the favorite seasons”?


Image Source: wheretoget.it

I don’t just get the trend – spring dress with cowboy boots…I am from the South but I really don’t entirely get it. 


5.) Skin tight club dresses


“Sweet during the day and sexy when night falls.” 

“Scream lust…but ain’t no body complaining”

“Show what your mama gave you”


 “No comment”


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