A Dress Made of Gold

by Devina


She wore a dress made of gold,

Her feet on silver lace heels,

A crown of rubies and diamonds,

The only one fitting for a queen.


He came over and swept her off her feet,

Took her to his castle, wedded her,

Called her love and wrapped her in silk,

Kisses and warm embraces.


And at times, a cold shoulder and beating,

Painful blows delivered on her once, twice,

He poured out his anger into his hands,

Onto her bare, bruised skin.


She broke free for freedom,

What was once promised to her.

She took off and ran,

As far away as her scars could take her.


And now she stood alone in the corner,

In a torn dress, wild hair, feet bare.

The gold dress laid abandoned in his castle,

And she could not take it with her.


But she knew one day it would come back to her.

If not, then something else would arrive.

She knew she would someday heal.

And it took time and a long wait for her to find,

A robe made of finest silk and diamonds.





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