Too Pretty to be Single

by Devina

Has any of you got this so called compliment of “You are so pretty, how come you’re still single?”

Well, I got the answer for you, and perhaps it’s not the nicest.

You’re pretty … weird.

1. You are weird to other people who are supposedly in love with your looks.

Outer beauty isn’t everything, right? And that’s something that people should get by now. Perhaps it is the reason why some guys are not interested in you, because you aren’t their ideal “pretty” inside.

Looks alone can get them bad boys, but personalities win in the end, right?

Perhaps that so called compliment is indirectly for the guys who decided that: Nope, I am not going after this girl.

Because these guys actually look deep inside, take a second look at this beautiful Barbie doll and realize that they need more than just pretty faces to make them happy.

2. You are not into dating and you just want to be alone.

For whatever reason that is.

In that case, I get you, girl. It is not weird at all, and when people give you that compliment, well, just don’t bother. I mean, you can always say, “It’s my choice. I choose to be alone.”

But people will go to number 1 instead. They usually assume that something is wrong with you, because that’s what people like to do, assume other people’s flaws.

3. You don’t like the guys who are after you.

You know your standards and you won’t just give into some sappy romance. You won’t go out with a guy just because he knows how to sing Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ on a guitar and buys you a nice meal.

People will tell you that you need to lower down your standards a bit because there is no such thing as a perfect guy, but then again, they can go back to number 1. Perhaps guys are not just confused with your personality, perhaps they fear it.

Whatever the reason is…

You can always be happy with the fact that those guys who decide to back down from chasing after you are those who know what they want, and it’s not your pretty face. So there are people who know their place and aren’t that shallow.

You can also be happy with the fact that you are strong enough to stay single because you don’t need anyone else to complete you.

And you can be happy because you know your place and your needs. You won’t use your looks to get guys either, because you know it’s more than just the looks that count.

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