Pretty in Green

My best friend Daniella got me a green beret, so I thought I had to do it justice. I don’t have much green, to be honest, so I had to do with what I got. Luckily, I always got some Slytherin stuff in my closet.

So I decided to dress as cozy as I could. I got a nice sweater, and then got my Slytherin scarf with me too. I decided to get my green pants too.

It turned out pretty okay. I got lots of compliments. And many people glanced at me a few times. It could mean many things, really, but I know bad outfits usually wouldn’t draw in as much attention.

And that’s how I figured that this was a cute outfit put together. Of course, I was pretty happy with it. I felt really cute and nerdy. Of course as I carried books around with me, the books served many purposes. They helped me kill boredom when I got no company, and they enhanced my nerdy vibes. To the max.

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