Avengers Infinity War: Save Vision, Save the World

Let me catch my breath.

I got out of the theater feeling rather empty, a little confused, and somewhat punched in the guts.

What in that world just happened?

I won’t lie, I did join a crowd of nerds, occupying 50% of the theater, clapping our hands and cheering, while some girls who were obviously dragged into this started packing their stuff and leaving the theater. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but I could tell that the boyfriends didn’t care.

Those nerds, possibly just freshly dumped guys, and I had a ton of fun. And we also got our hearts broken.

I can’t do spoilers, so this is a bit pointless, but I can tell some things here.

We start with Thanos, the big mighty Titan, crushing what remained of Asgard. He demanded Loki to hand him over an infinity space stone that was kept in Asgard. Or else Thor would die. Of course, Loki ended up giving it to him to save his brother, and things went horribly wrong from that point on.

Loki is dead, people. First death in the movie. And many more to go.

With Loki gone and two infinity stones in his hands, Thanos started moving quickly to get the other stones.

Now, we know that there are two on Earth. One is mind stone, which is planted in Vision, and the other is time stone, which is always around Dr. Strange’s neck.

The collector has the reality stone, and a soul stone is buried within Vormir.

So when Strange goes to face Thanos with Tony and Peter, Vision is the only one left on Earth to be protected. And the Avengers are going the distance, and by that to Wakanda, to keep Vision safe.

Now, everyone is racing. Everyone is racing to stop Thanos from collecting all stones. And Thanos himself is facing the hardest time because to get the stones, he ends up sacrificing so much, and losing someone he loves.

Unfortunately, despite being stronger together, our heroes split. They go their separate ways, form new teams, and do what they can to stop Thanos. They combine forces and end up in the most unexpected places doing the most bizarre things.

Not that I’m complaining, but some things do feel a bit off, and some people do a lot of things that are so out of their characters.

So many stories take place in this movie, and at times I felt like I was watching several movies at once. Luckily, MCU had done a great job setting up the characters for us, so that we all know who’s who and where and what they do. The only character we actually got to know better here is Thanos. And it does feel like he is the real main character.

For once it feels like we got a real, solid villain. And no, I honestly don’t see Loki that much of a villain since he is as fickle as he is mischievous. This guy owns every place he walks into, and there has been nothing like it.

I mean, don’t even get me started on Ultron.

Overall, it’s an entertaining movie. MCU is always having fun, so don’t worry about it being dark and serious all the time, because you’ll definitely laugh a lot.

And let me just get this out of my chest.


Tyrion Lannister in the house!!!

What an insane movie. I was blown away by how it ends, and I don’t know how MCU is going to write the next one. What will you do, MCU?

Infinity War is an 8/10 from me. And I’m not sure if I’d watch it again soon, because I don’t think my heart can take it. Even though I already said yes to watching it with some girlfriend this weekend.

Ah well. An Avengers movie is always worth it.

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