Things Fall to Places, not Apart

Some of the more inexplicable things in life, are those little moments when we put two and two together and realize that things do happen for reasons. It’s the time we are finally grateful for everything that has happened, all the good and bad. It’s when we figure out why some things hurt us in the past.

And maybe it’s truly time to move on. From grieving over loss and pain. To acceptance.

I personally love this pattern. It’s whenever I find out that little splatters on the wall are a work of art from afar. It’s when I spot the purpose of tragedy sometimes, which is to introduce blessing.

Older people would tell me, “Bad things happen before good ones arrive.”

But as someone who loves watching patterns and seeing art in everything, I notice that the best plot twists in stories are always the ones we miss.

Think of Snape from Harry Potter.

Think of Brandon Stark and his fall from the tower.

Yes, Brandon Stark ruined everyone’s lives, but personally, his fall from the tower led to his rise to the throne. Who knew.

But maybe it’s time we start accepting things the way they are, instead of questioning so much. We all have had our moments of going, “Why is this happening to me?” When the answer is somewhere in the future. Near future, hopefully.

And it’s quite a waste of time, really, to question and grieve so much, when better things are waiting for us ahead.

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