Headbands Are Crowns

by Devina Gunawan

Headbands are true love. I don’t even know if there is anything else more important in my closet.

And I believe that we all should have at least a few, to save us from bad hair days.






I am going to go full headband mode after this! Nothing is going to stop me.

The thing is, headbands are like crowns. And if you see how I traced my headband root all the way from Disney, you will understand that this is how I grew up.

London Tipton was basically a princess, and she wore pretty headbands.

Sharpay Evans was a queen bee, and she wore pretty headbands.

Aria from Pretty Little Liars does too, even though she is no princess.

Then, at last. Gossip Girl queens, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. Blair set the trend, and she is the queen B.

And oh come on, even Reign is full of headbands. And the show is about a queen and her friends! That is like the ultimate stamp that yes, headbands are crowns!

So let’s rock those headbands in your closet, princesses!

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