Hotel Transylvania 2: Blaa blaa blaah

by Devina Gunawan

So I went to see five years in the life of Denisovich, and it was a pleasant treat.

Count Dracula is baaaaaaaaaack! Except that this time he goes by Papa Drac.

Some time has passed since Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) first met Johnny (Andy Samberg) and they finally decided to tie the knot.

The couple stayed with Dracula (Adam Sandler) in Transylvania, and they were happy.

About a year after, Mavis told Dracula that she was pregnant. Dracula, wanting a vampire to continue the vampline, grew obsessed over his future grandchild.

Move forward to months after. Mavis gave birth to a red haired boy and named him Dennis.

The boy looked and seemed human, and Drac wasn’t too happy about it. However, he wasn’t going to give up on his grandchild. He believed that the boy would soon grow his fangs when he turned five, and become a monster just like him.

So Dennis grew up in the hotel, and he was fought over by Drac, whom he called Papa Drac, and Mavis. They disagreed on how to raise Dennis, since Mavis wanted her son to grow up like Johnny.

Approaching Dennis’ 5th birthday, Mavis announced that she was thinking of moving to California, where Johnny was from. She wanted Dennis, who could be fully human, to grow up like other human kids.

Saddened by this, and still convinced that Dennis was a vamp, Drac teamed up with Johnny. The two wanted Mavis to change her mind, so Johnny was supposed to keep Mavis uninterested in California and while they were gone, Drac would teach Dennis how to be a vampire.

The movie was fast paced. Some things happened so fast, and we moved from one scene to the next really quickly. Not to mention that there were plenty of things that happened in a scene.

At some point, I dozed off a bit due to the consistency of jumping from one thing to another. So did the ladies I went to see this movie with, they told me they were falling asleep at some point.

The plot line was racing us around so much that we didn’t get a good break of emotional release or just simply a break from the whole thing. It felt as if the movie didn’t have enough time to spread their scenes out for distance. Considering the duration of if, I honestly wouldn’t mind if they slowed down in few scenes and stretched the time a bit longer.

It was very comical, however, and it did very well for a sequel. The humor wasn’t as on point as it was in the first movie, but it was still enjoyable. I had my complaints here and there, but in the end it was, overall, an okay movie.

Dennis was adorable, and he basically was the hero of the movie, literally, really, watch the movie and see for yourself. In the end, the twist of Dennis’ identity was awesome. I knew since the beginning that he would eventually grow his fangs so I wasn’t surprised (thanks to Happy Meal I got from McD, which got me the Dennis toy that could transform into a vampire), but it was still a big question in the movie until it actually happened.

And that was the brilliant part of this movie. That it knew so well on how to grab our attention and where to lead us, to get us nowhere and then land a big BAM in our faces, was always the skill that this movie had since the beginning.

Dracula’s always been the one changed the most, in both movies. In the first movie, he let a human into his home, and this one, he let humans into his heart. The character development is lacking in this sequel, and I was a little bit disappointed that it invested so much in dry humor instead of in the characters.

I give this movie an 8.5 out of 10, because to be honest, I enjoyed this movie better than the first one.

I know, I’m a sucker for babies, and Dennis was too cute. I might have been biased in giving it a higher score, but then, for those who love babies as much as I do, this is it.

Go see this movie if you haven’t. It’s worth it. And I have regretted going to movies to watch a sequel or prequel that disappointed, such as for instance “Minions,” because it didn’t live up to expectations; however, this one I had no regret at all. Just like “Minions” this movie is lacking the emotional connection and that certain elements of feels that we got from “Despicable Me” and the first “Hotel Transylvania” but it is still engaging.

Dennis will zing you. I kid you not. And you’ll spend the next few days going, “Bla bla bla.”

Here’s the trailer for you if you haven’t seen it:

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