iZombie Season 2 Episode 1: Grumpy Liv 

by Devina Gunawan

I was waiting for iZombie season 2 for what seemed to be forever. And when it premiered, I cheered like a five year old who got her first tutu.

So we got back to where it left, Liv not saving her brother because she did not want him to become a zombie.

Her mother and brother hate her now, Peyton moves out, and Major ignores her.

The only person who’s still by her side despite being irritated with the fact that she’s given the only dose of cure to Major and Blaine? Ravi.

I swear, Ravi is the only person in the show who tries to understand Liv’s struggles as a zombie. Everyone else is cold and horrible. Her family refuses to see that something big has happened to Liv and that she’s having the worst time, her best friend fails to see that Liv must have been suffering the whole time, and Major puts his feelings first instead of listening and understanding that it’s been difficult for Liv.

Like really, nobody has the heart to be a friend to Liv like Ravi does.

So in this episode, an old man died mysteriously under his own car and Liv gets to eat his brain. Thus, we are presented with a grumpy old man controlling Liv.

Clive suspects Major to be the murderer who killed the dead zombies at the Meat Cute from last season finale, and Liv is warning Major of this suspicion.

On the other hand, Major and Blaine as the cured ones have developed a new sense: they can sense a zombie’s presence. This ability is later on reached out by Max Rager, an evil business man with a mission to kill every zombie alive, who employs Major to be a zombie killer. Thus, Major gets a new job! And he will be killing zombies.

Ravi is upset that Liv gave up the cure for Blaine and Major, so he tells her that he needs the tainted Utopium from the boat incident to start the experiment again. This sets Liv to visit Blaine, who secretly keeps to himself a coffin full of Utopium. Blaine is running a coffin business to get fresh brains. Smart, if you ask me.

Liv’s new roommate turns out to be potentially evil, apparently. She’s the girl who works for Max Rager, and we don’t know what her intentions are.

Season 2 turns out to be much better than I thought. At first, I was worried and skeptical, because I loved season 1. The way season 1 ended was a huge blow on the face because everything was falling apart and it was insane.

Season 2 has so much potentials, and I love what the writers have done to the characters. And I am forever thankful that Ravi is still the faithful friend to Liv. She needs a friend more than anything else.

So it looks like Major will be stuck with his new job for a while now, and Clive will be more and more suspicious of Major’s involvement in last season’s massacre. It also looks like Liv is stuck with Ravi as the only confidant now, and I don’t have a problem with it. And it also looks like Liv’s new roommate has something planned out for Liv.

I am excited about episode 2, and the rest of the season. This is a good start of Season 2, and iZombie is still on fire!

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