The Other Side of Beauty

By Daniella Djiogan

You saw her and admired her beauty. Then you realized it was fake. And you proceeded to blame her for deceiving you. And you took a step further to insult her. And you failed to notice that she was suffering not only because of people like you, but because of her own demons.

She was already suffering before you met her. And with no hesitation, you laid a knife in her chest and walked away.  You went about your way and forgot, but she didn’t.

It tormented her for days, months, and even years. And it made her more susceptible to hiding her face no matter what.

And when people said “You’re so beautiful” she smile but without a sign of happiness. She knew she was fake, but she wanted to fit in…to be accepted.

When she looked at her face every morning, she felt sad because she had to wear her mask.

Her happiest moment was when she stayed home. Alone

She certainly was the happiest then.

She could be herself…she could love her face

But she knew that by the time she steps out that door…that little pleasure of hers will be gone

She will have to put that face behind a mask because she had no confidence others would love it.


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