Paldo Bulnak Review

by Devina

So I went to the market and got this Paldo, which is supposedly sitting at number 2 spiciest instant noodles in the world.

I usually eat the Samyang one, which is sitting at number 3, and I love it. It’s like my comfort food when I’m really bored and lacking inspiration.

So I was excited when I got it, and went ahead to make it.


Tadaah! I probably should’ve cooked the greens too, but I didn’t see the package.

Well, even though I didn’t cook the greens, it was still good. The noodles were sweet, and to me more to the sweet than spicy. I did not feel the heat kicking in, at all.

I tried to finish it slowly since I’m usually a fast eater and I wanted to enjoy it. And I kept on waiting for the heat to kick in.

When I’d gone over half of the plate, I started feeling the heat. It crept up slowly and when I finished the plate, my tongue felt a little bit burned.

Sadly, other than my lips going all red and swollen, I didn’t feel much of the heat. It lasted for five minutes after I finished the plate, and I didn’t even drink water or milk afterwards because I wanted to know how long the heat would last.

So surprisingly, despite it sitting at number 2 on the ranking, I didn’t think it was hotter than Samyang’s. It could’ve been different category under which this was ranked, but I didn’t feel it.

I really enjoyed this though, it was really good. I’d definitely have it again.

In fact, I already have another one in the kitchen.

Rate 7/10.

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