A Crush Innocently Hidden and Branded Untouchable


She liked him but couldn’t muster the courage to admit her feelings of him

Especially not to ‘the other’ whose heart smiled at the mention of his name

It started as an innocent hidden crush expressed to not a soul but her diary

One which found comfort within other secrets she entrusted within the pages of the book

But one whose importance ranked far less among other secrets held captive in her thoughts’ pages

It felt dismissed, almost forgotten except during her vulnerable moments of solitude

The times where her guards were lowered and her idle mind felt oblige to think of him

But how she underestimated the heart that beat independently within her

Who knew in a missed opportunity to express that feeling for him, he would be branded ‘untouchable’

Especially as she could not bare to become the mistress of ‘deception’ against the wish of a ‘dear one’.  

By Daniella D.

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