Elite Review: Everyone’s Bloody Guilty

Three teenagers got scholarships to attend a school for the rich and corrupt.

Samuel the sweetheart, Nadia the conservative, and Christian the wild card joined the elites and struggled while the rich bullied them.

Eventually, they started making friends and changing, somewhat becoming more and more like the people they never thought they would be like. And they also started accepting and being accepted.

Nadia, the most conservative one in the group, is dragged into a scheme between Guzmán Nunier and his occasional girlfriend Lu, the queen bee. They try to humiliate her by making her fall in love with Guzmán and then have him take her virginity. But Guzmán turns out to be a much better man than they all think, and he ends up falling for Nadia.

Nadia’s brother, Omar, is a drug dealer who sells to teenagers and secretly gay. He starts dating Ander, Guzman’s best friend, and tries to keep things together so that his overprotective father won’t find out.

Meanwhile, Christian, the wild card in the group, got tangled in a conflict between the school’s power couple, Carla and Polo. He starts sleeping with them to be accepted, but ends up stuck in a much bigger conflict.

But nothing is uglier than what Samuel has to go through. When Samuel falls in love with the free spirited Marina and has her meet his brother, things start going out of control. Marina, rebelling against her family, decides to punish the rich her own way, and ends up as the biggest mystery of season 1.

Elite Season 1 serves the purpose of answering the one big question: who killed Marina Nunier?

And bam, that’s how we start and end every single episode of Elite. With the big question in our face, and making sure that we don’t stop Netflix from playing the next episode.

It worked for me.

I cannot wait for season 2, the way season 1 ended got a lot of us questioning what is going to happen in season 2. And nobody knows what every character will do now that someone is falsely accused of Marina’s murder and the real murderer is free among the elites.

Elite is a good show. It’s binge worthy, for sure. And it will keep you on your toes, wondering how and why.

I recommend it to everyone who needs some drama right now, in Spanish, then this is your show. Go watch it. Because everyone is bloody guilty. And this could be your new guilty pleasure.

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