La Peur En Moi

She stood by the door and knocked.

As I opened, chills ran down my spine as I quickly shut the door. 

‘Why was she here?’

I opened it again, this time slowly to confirm her presence.

Our eyes met and I froze.

‘Why was she here, asking calmly to be invited in?’

My chest was pounding.

“Who is it? Why are you standing there blankly as if you saw a ghost?” I heard from the corner of the room

I didn’t reply. The words from my mouth had left me.

My face was petrified and at that instance, I didn’t know what I was seeing.

‘Why was she here?’ It was a split minute that felt like time had froze.

“Let me in, this is also my house” she demanded, her voice louder and upset than ever.

“NO!”, I said and slammed the door.

This time, locking all locks and running to the center of the room in fear.

‘Why was she here? How could she be here? What exactly did she really want?’

I turned on all the lights and crawled into the couch, lifelessly looking at the TV.

The light began to flicker, and I heard “I SAID LET ME IN” she said, almost sounding like an animal’s growl.

I stayed put and began praying in a silent tone.


By Daniella D.

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