The Pre-Summer Checklist for College Students

by Devina Gunawan

What usually happens before college’s summer break. Stuff that unfortunately I do not get to feel anymore…


  1. DIET.
  • You want to go to the beach and wear that awesome bikini you bought last year but never got to wear.
  • You want to eat your mom’s cooking and lots of ice cream. Before that can happen, you need to lose some pounds.
  • You want to impress someone back home. That person probably has once called you fat.


  1. Shipwrecked closet.
  • You start throwing out everything you have in your closet and try it on to see if it still fits. If some of them feel tight, chances are you’re going to have an extreme diet plan.
  • Where is that damn bikini?!
  • Summer dresses, where art thou? Wait, they still fit! Thank God!


  1. Phonecalls.
  • Hey, are you gonna be in town this summer? Who else is gonna be in town?
  • Is he still seeing that girl?
  • Mom, I want your potato salad, tuna casserole, minestrone soup, grilled salmon, ….
  • Wanna go to France together? Let’s book the tickets now!


  1. Haircuts.
  • It’s getting so hot, this hair is getting too long, and I really want a new look.
  • My mom hates this haircut, let’s just clean this up before I see her.
  • Whatever I look hottest in, I’m getting it.


  1. Breakups.
  • Oh, I’m gonna see my high school sweetheart, so I think it’s better if my relationship status changes back to “single” for a bit.
  • You’re going North, I’m going South. Three months apart is probably going to end this relationship anyways, so let’s just end it now.
  • You’re not staying here during summer? You’re leaving me here for three months? No. I won’t deal with this.


  1. Facebook
  • “Going home this summer! Who’s up for some drinks?”
  • Relationship status changes
  • “Will be MIA during summer. Won’t be on Facebook much. Call me.”


  1. Shopping
  • New dresses. New shorts. New flip flops.
  • Souvenirs or whatever I can get for mom and dad.
  • Shades.


  1. Depression
  • Finals come first before summer. Great.
  • What if (the friend you’ve grown unbelievably close to-one you see everyday) won’t contact me during summer or maybe will find another best friend?
  • If it comes to it – How could s/he break up with me just because we won’t see each other for three months?
  • What am I going to do for three months?!


  1. Excitement
  • Screw it all. I’m going home soon. Done with the semester!
  • There won’t be any studying happening in three months. I’m up for that.
  • Italy, France, Germany, I’m gonna backpack the whole Europe in summer!

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