I Don’t Shed Tears Because I am Strong

By Daniella Djiogan


I don’t shed tears

Not for pity at least

An occasional drop from laugher

A stream flow from onions

A medical droplet meant to improve my eye sight

Those are tears shed along with tears from past sorrows


I don’t shed tears

For fear of being called “weak”

To avoid the misconception aligned with being a “woman”

To avoid the gaze of pity

And to avoid using them as a tool to obtain

Those are tears shed in secret


I don’t shed tears

For my joy detest grief

An emotion frequent with lost and pain

One which swells the eyes and wrinkles the flesh on my face

One which forces one to crawl into the darkest pit of their hearts

No, I don’t shed such tears.

Image Source: Tear_drop_by_JosCos

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