Touring the Little Cheese Factory in Amsterdam

By Daniella D.

After taking a shower and watching some news on the inauguration of the U.S president, I was ready for the day. Breakfast was at 7:30am and I was not about to miss it even though I rarely indulge in the morning.

After a meal comprised of mostly fruits on my part, we were once more on the bus, this time to a cheese factory. Apparently one of the best.


The tour there was not only refreshing because of the place but to a large part due to the womanizing host/owner who tried to woo every girl who was at close proximity. He certainly elevated the mood and certainly made an impact in convincing more than a few to buy some cheese and traditional wooden shoes native to Amsterdammer- Is that what you call someone from Amsterdam?  Sounds incorrect right? Though that’s what google attest to it.


After a demonstration of how cheese is derived, we stepped into a different room where these traditional shoes were made. It was such an interesting process which as the host explained, did not require much effort.

Though I beg to differ. Just look at the art below and imagine how you have to make loads of them at an affordable price so that locals and tourists like us can buy?


One thing to consider, if you ever want to buy these shoes, always buy a size bigger. If you buy the exact size, let’s just say your legs wouldn’t stand the pain.

After we were shown around and fed some delish cheese, I was surprised that the owner singled me out to take a picture. I mean, it was not strange that he flirted with all the girls since I considered it a marketing scheme to some extend. However, when he specifically demanded that I give him my phone, I was really startled. Yet, I gave him the phone and waited with a questioning expression.

All was cleared in a few minutes later.

Apparently, I was getting so much more attention than others because I reminded him of Whoopi Goldberg since I was an black American women with braids…no further comment


He was crazy hilarious and a good host who certainly made our last morning in Amsterdam worth while. If you are ever on that side of the world, I recommend you visit this factory (though I can’t remember its name).

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