A Disastrous Trip from Amsterdam to Brugge (Belgium)

By Daniella D.

This post follows from the prior travel post on touring the beautiful city of Amsterdam & the Little cheese factory.

As we were about to leave the little cheese factory, I decided to go to the loo before the long trip to Brugges ahead. Good decision, bad circumstance. My phone which was in my back pocket made its way into the toilet….Urgh~


First aid guide to your phone drowning in water: remove the battery, wipe it, then stick it in rice for a day or two. Also, under no circumstance are you allowed to shake.

I knew that all too well, but at the moment, all reasoning was thrown out the window. I panicked and couldn’t help but shake the water out of the phone till my regret took the best of me.

I mean, I understand I shouldn’t have shook it, but what was I to do under such panic?  It’s not like I had rice in my traveling bag or the patience to wait till I could find some in a few hours.


The rest of the bus ride from Amsterdam to Brugge was painful I just remember spending most of my time writing about something…can’t tell you – it’s a secret.

Before I knew it, there we were, in Brugge, Belgium. A beautiful city with a well preserved ancient infrastructure.

To be very honest, my mind was so fixated on my damaged phone that I did not exactly enjoy the scenery as much as I would have otherwise. It was sad. Well, to comfort and mourn my phone, I decided to buy lots of Belgium chocolate. I knew it was kind of counterproductive of me to buy chocolate and waffles while thinking of saving money to buy the next phone which I hoped will never find itself in the back of my pocket. But I couldn’t help it. My short term mind couldn’t help itself.

20170122_124820After looking at the horses crossing the streets, staring at a man illegally parachute down a building, and going to one of the fanciest McDonalds I have ever been to, our trip was practically over.

We headed to the bus, and drove home.

Interestingly, when we left for Amsterdam on this bus ride from Brighton, our documentations were not supervised, however, as we came back, we had to go through customs. I wonder if it is always so easy to cross borders from one European country to the next if one chose to travel by bus instead of a plane. Or is it only the case of a few countries?

Anyways, once we got home, I placed my phone in rice for a day and the half and guess what? It worked! But sorry to say a few days later, it fell and never worked again.


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