Justice League and the Philosopher’s Box

I was excited. I was jumping up and down like a little kid.

It was finally happening, Justice League, and I was pleased.

Until I got home and realized what a mess the movie I just saw was. Now, before anything stops you, go see this movie. This movie is a fun watch.

Apparently, after the death of Superman, the world started falling into a dark, fearful state, and it triggered the awakening of a super bad guy Steppenwolf, a DC Voldemort with his death eater parademons roaming around the world feeding off fear.

Bruce Wayne and Diana started recruiting people from the Luthor files: Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash, to save the world from Steppenwolf’s takeover.

At first, Aquaman and Cyborg refused to join the team; Barry Allen the Flash, however, joined right away due to needing to have some friends.

Now, after realizing that Steppenwolf was powerful and that the five of them would probably die facing him, Bruce thought of the craziest thing ever: bring Superman back to life.

Of course, some of them thought it was a bad idea, but they proceeded, because they were just… not that bright together, to be honest.

Then, when Superman was resurrected, he couldn’t recognize himself or those around him, beat the hell out of everyone, and almost killed Batman until Lois Lane showed up and literally saved the rest of our heroes.

Afterwards, the team tried to stop Steppenwolf without Superman, who was chilling with his ma and his fiancee, and struggled until our Man of Steel showed up and helped them.

Gah. What a crazy plotline.

Unlike Batman vs. Superman where everything was choppy and messy, this movie actually got a good flow going on. Somewhat.

We got introduced to the members of our awesome, really funny team, and I mean, I loved all of them. However, we didn’t have enough information on their backstory to care enough about them or understand them well.

For instance, why did Cyborg decide to join out of the blue? No clue. Why did Barry Allen have a suit and yet haven’t tried being a hero yet? No clue. What’s with Aquaman and Meira? No clue. What the hell is wrong with Bruce and Diana?

WHAT IS WITH BARRY’S RUNNING STYLE?! I play Injustice, and the Flash does not run like that in that game.

Then we got Superman, who looked nothing like himself. From the first minute of the movie, I went, “Henry Cavill does not look like himself…” Well, it was the work of CGI on his face, and it looked awkward. Although, it did not look half as awkward as Steppenwolf… now that was just video game kind of look. He did not look real at all.

Sadly, to me, the plot felt like an excuse to revive Superman, who was dead for five minutes. And there was no drama to bringing him back. It took everyone five minutes to agree to the plan and for Bruce to show a little respect for Clark because, “He was a beacon of hope that the world needs.” It was a little bit like the DC universe, and how this movie, after Wonder Woman, was supposedly the beacon of hope for all fans who had given up on the movies.

It took Lois Lane five seconds to get to Clark, who was ready to kill everyone on the team, and his “Superman might come back a different person” stage lasted only as long as the heroes were strong. It was as if we needed to see that Superman was stronger than all of them, and yet was so human that he melted under Lois’s gaze right away. Is that why Amy Adams’ name came up before the rest of the Justice League members despite only having like few percents of screen time?

No, I am not bitter, I am just full of questions.

Unlike the last Avengers movie, forgive me for bringing Marvel into this (or blame Wheadon), this movie did not show people running around in fear and chaos. We only got one family that was hiding from parademons, creatures that Steppenwolf sent to haunt the world, to show us that the world was in danger.

I wouldn’t mind if that family died, and that’s not good.

We also got a lot of the characters’s struggles, which are irrelevant to us since we only got around four minutes of their backstories. We literally know nothing about these heroes, and suddenly they were thrown into this war, and to respond to their heroic moments would take some time.

Also, if only the final battle were a bit longer…

I can go on and on about what went wrong and what I wished could have been better, but it wouldn’t do me any good. This movie was really really fun.

I actually enjoyed it a lot. I am probably going to see it again because it’s so entertaining. And perhaps next time I can ignore some of the CGI, or all of the CGI, as well as the loopholes and the weird subplots.

Justice League got a 7.5/10 from me.

If you’re someone who likes to dissect movies and analyze the details, as well as criticizing the CGI works, then don’t get your hopes up. But I also know there are plenty of Easter eggs in that movie you do not want to miss. Besides, there is no harm in watching a movie about six heroes fighting an evil demon to save the world.







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