Jupiter Ascending, Audience Floating

by Devina Gunawan

There are everyone’s favorite actors in this movie. The hottest man in the world, Channing Tatum is present, all with weird looking ears and no, he is not a Vulcan. Mila Kunis is the ruler of the world, and despite loving her, I do not know how I truly feel about that.

She doesn’t seem to do much as the rightful owner of Earth.

Sean Bean fails to impress me, for the first time.

I finally got to watching “Jupiter Ascending” just to see if it really is bad. Apparently, this has become a hobby of mine. To check if a movie is really as bad as reviewers say it is.

So it was a Thursday, and why not?

Jupiter is a girl who struggles so much with her identity. She lives with an extended family that constantly questions her life choices.

One day, she goes to donate her eggs, and aliens try to kill her. Then Caine Wise (Tatum) saves her and she is smitten. Afterwards, Wise takes Jupiter to see Sean Bean, whose bees are more than keen to follow Jupiter around.

Then, Jupiter learns that she is the rightful owner of Earth after meeting her ‘daughter’. Apparently, genes are taken seriously, like something spiritual. Jupiter has the exact gene codes as the previous owner of the Earth, a mother of three obnoxious children who want nothing more than immortality and glory. Thus, making her the reincarnation and the rightful owner of Earth.

Her ‘youngest son’ tries to marry her, the ‘oldest son’ tries to kill her. All for the sake of getting Earth in their possession.

Wise keeps on saving Jupiter, but in the end, Jupiter gets to do some action and fights for her life. She then returns to Earth and keeps her cool discovery a secret. She goes back to cleaning houses and pretending to be normal. Oh, and she gets to date Wise.

It is original, and I guess, backed up very well by special effects and artistic touches.

The dresses are out of this world, literally, and I admire how aesthetic everything is.

However, the acting is flat. There is no chemistry between Kunis and Tatum. And for once in my life, I do not like Bean, Tatum, and Kunis on my screen. They look beautiful, but they certainly do not act as well as they should.

While watching, I was floating. I was trying to decide whether I liked the movie or not. I believe at some point, I dozed off for a couple of minutes. I was simply not there. I could not feel myself as a part of the movie, everything was obviously made up, and I just could not bring myself to like it enough to say, “Wow.”

Good movies could draw audience in. A good movie would captivate audience enough to forget the real world happening after the movie. It would make audience feel like it was possible, that it could be real. It could convince audience the existence of another dimension, another world, and we the audience would enjoy the ride.

However, ‘Jupiter Ascending’ fails to do all that. The story is cliche and we know what’s going to happen from one scene to another.

I have to say though, that the actors did just enough. So that won’t go unappreciated.

I have mixed feelings about this movie. So I guess a 4 out of 10 will do.

Here’s the Honest Trailer to Jupiter Ascending:

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