Empire Season 2…Anyone else as Excited as me???

By Daniella Djiogan

Omg! If you watched season one of Empire, you probably are as excited as me right now…Wow! It was explosive.

I don’t usually watch American shows because I prefer international/cultural tv series, but this show caught my attention and interest like no other.

Talk about love, hip hop, family, fame, quarrels, etc. all in one show. I don’t even like hip hop that much but while watching season one, you could see me dancing and singing along to songs like ‘drip drop’, ‘bad girl’, ‘conqueror’, etc.

And talk about the return of Cookie…her fashion, style, and overall personality…Can’t wait. And “boo boo Kitty”; who puts a red on almost every outfit she wears…gotta love it ( I Iiterally re-watched the show over and over again just to get some inspiration before shopping).

By the way, remember that fight they had that seems so real to the point that people started wondering how they got along after the scene was shot…priceless.


And how Lucious was arrested at the end of the season…another suspenseful priceless moment.

I haven’t been this excited about a tv show like this since I watched Ruby; a Spanish telenovela about a girl who would do everything for money. If you love telenovelas, this is one interesting one. Definitely a must watch!

Anyways, I really can’t wait for Season 2. It will be Epic!


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