Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian

Welcome to the age of healthy lifestyle!

Well, at least to me it is.

Khloe Kardashian has come a very long way to where she is now. That girl’s gone through hell and back with her personal drama, with her sisters, her mom…s (Caitlyn?), and with everyone else in her way. Typical Kardashian.

Yet she’s now doing something I always thought she should’ve been doing ages ago because she’s inspiring that way: how to live healthily and be confident.

Khloe was always the one to struggle with her weight, in comparison to her slim and perfectly curvy sisters. She was the one we all could relate to because not everyone was born with great metabolism and perfect skin.

And she transformed. She challenged herself so much and worked so hard to finally be the person that she is today.

Now, what does one do when she’s done the journey? Share it.

And I can tell you that I am loving this show.

It reminds us that “thin” should not be a goal. “Fit” is.

It reminds us to not cut back on meals, but to eat well. To not starve our bodies from good nutritions, but feed them with what they need. And to exercise properly.

And the best is, to respect yourself enough to want to do all these things for yourself. And to have confidence because you know you’ve worked hard to get to where you are.

Now, I am not saying that Khloe is perfect, or that she’s my favourite Kardashian (now that I look at the others, she probably is…), but she’s doing something for other people. Whatever the intention is, she’s helping others who can’t even feel happy looking at themselves.

And that’s powerful.

“Let’s make our haters our biggest motivators.” Couldn’t have been said better.

Thank you, Khloe.

I am inspired by this show so much that I am going to have my revenge body too.

Watch me, world. I’m getting it. HAH.

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