‘Us’ – The Right Dose of Scary

How to begin. ‘Us’ is a movie about a family who one day, suddenly gets a visit from their evil doublegangers who want to kill them and are plotting world domination. End of story.

So what made this movie special? Was it because it was written and directed by Jordan Peele, as was ‘Get Out’? Or was it because it was an all-black main cast, with the leading actress being the talented Lupita N’yongo? – You already know it~


After watching the trailer for the first time, I was curious about the beautifully written thriller which leaves you jumping up and down your seat with fear and questions geared towards who exactly are those weird looking doublegangers? and where did they come from?


Honestly, I would like to spill the tea here and tell you all about the movie, but what’s the fun in that? Instead wouldn’t it be fun to talk about the hits and misses of the movie? like what I appreciated about the movie and what needed more scary spice.

So without further due, here are my thoughts:

1. Hit: The two lead female actresses in the movie smashed and killed it. Their contrasting persona was so on point that you could have thought the roles were played by four different actresses. It certainly scared and intrigued me all at once.

2. Miss: The one thing my friend and I agreed on after the movie was that it was unnecessary for the others in the movie to have doublegangers. It would have been much better and scarier if the terror was only instigated by the doubleganger antagonists. For those who watched the movie, do you agree with it? – You already know it. 

3. Miss/hit: The comic relief of Gabe/Abraham’s character was a little lacking though appreciated alongside the horrid scenes that haunted the audience with screams.

4. Miss: Jason’s character could have been further developed as well. It seemed a little lacking, perhaps because the whole match lighter situation was not audience grabbing. It would have been far better if he did other magic tricks as well or at least attempted to.  

5. Total Hit: The final revelation of Adelaide/Red was shocking, even though we kind of saw it coming. It certainly made the audience gasp from their seats as they finally understood why the beginning of the movie unfolded the way it did. It definitely made us wonder – who is the true protagonist in this movie?


Do you agree? Let us know what you think of the ending.

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